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Majalah Ortodontik Juni 2015





Edisi Kedua Juni 2014

ISSN 1411-7843





Ali Ramis Bachmid*, Thalca Hamid**, Narmada**
*Orthodontic Resident
**Lecturer, Department of Orthodontics Faculty of Dentistry, University of Airlangga



Background and Objectives: Contemporary Orthodontic therapy usually requires the synthesis of functional and esthetic treatment goals. Tooth movement, growth modification and orthognathic surgery are all design not only to attain appropriate occlusal relationship, but also to maximize (or at least not to compromise) the aesthetic outcome. To achieve that goals, we need strong diagnostic tools which is not time consuming. cephalometric analysis using computer technology has grown rapidly. Nowadays, there were number of computer products at the market, making researcher want to know the difference in measurement results of the cephalogram. Design and setting: The measurement result of the cephalogram tracing manually and the other hand cephalogram scanned into a computer program and analysis with computer programs. Material and Methods: The sample were 18 sefalogram that have been selected at random according to specific criteria (soft tissue facial angle, nose prominence, superior sulcus depth, subnasale to H-line, skeletal profile convexity, basic upper lip thickness, upper lip strain, H angle, lower lip to H line, inferior sulcus to H line, soft tissue thickness chin). The author used a computer program by Vistadent and 11 determines measurement variables, including angle and distance measurements. cephalogram that selected, tracing manually using acetate paper and given landmark to determine the distance and angle measurements. On the other hand cephalogram analysis with computer programs, 18 cephalogram scanned into a computer program and identifying landmark manually. Measurement of 11 variables including distance and angle measurement. Result and Conclussions: Statistically the result showed no significant difference between tracing between manually and computer analysis.

Key words: Tracing, Cephalometry Measurement, Soft tissue, Holdaway Analysis, Computerized Method


Daftar Isi

1. The measurement between conventional method and computerized method (vistadent) of holdaway soft tissue analysis (Research)
Ali Ramis Bachmid, Thalca Hamid, Narmada
 1 - 4
2.  Treatment of class ii skeletal malocclusion with severe posterior crowding using headgear and standard edgewise (Case Report)
Ajeng Sulistyaningrum, Jono Salim
 5 - 8
3.  Treatment of class III dentoskeletal malocclusion with agenesis of upper canine using edgewise appliances (Case Report)
Danila Barasiska, Endah mardiati
  9 - 12
4.  Orthodontic treatment in winged maxillary central incisors (Case Report)
Dhani Agustina, Anang Soejono
 13 - 15


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